Latest workshop: Understanding Bloating: It's Not Just About the Food


Bloating occurs frequently in men and women of all ages. In IBS, bloating has been shown to occur in up to 90% of those with this disorder.


While food is often identified as a bloating trigger, there are other conditions that prompt abdominal distention (enlargement of the abdomen) and bloating (the sensation of fullness).


Registered dietitians should be aware of red flags such as constipation (with fecal loading), disordered eating with heightened gut sensitivity and body dysmorphia, gastroparesis and more to help their patients find relief and help guide the most appropriate treatments with this frustrating symptom.


This 2 hour workshop led by Kate Scarlata MPH, RDN and Erin Judge RDN covers the science and mechanisms behind the symptom of bloating, clinical nutrition assessments for patients who experience bloating, evidence-based treatments and therapies available, and how to develop evidence-based nutrition care plans related to bloating.


Price: $150 USD

Approved for 2 CEU credits through CDR for US-based dietitians.


Past Workshop Recordings Available

SIBO Series

Part 1: SIBO primer: What it is + How to Treat with Kate Scarlata 

Part 2: Research Update with Satish Rao MD

Part 3: SIBO: practical nutrition intervention + clinical pearls with Kate Scarlata and Erin Judge


 Approved for 3 CEU credits by CDR for US-based dietitians.  


This series is sponsored by Commonwealth Diagnostics International (CDI) and Fody Foods

SIBO Research Update  

This workshop includes a 30 minute webinar + 30 minute Q&A with expert Mark Pimentel MD to cover the emerging research around SIBO.


Approved for 1 CEU credit by CDR for US-based dietitians. 


Price: $30 USD


Understanding Sucrase Isomaltase Deficiency in Adults 

 The series covers key clinical nutrition assessments, current standards for diagnosis and treatment, new research to influence patient care, and clinical pearls to enhance quality of care for patients.


Approved for 2 CEU credits from CDR for US-based dietitians.


Price: $99 USD


This series is sponsored by QOL Medical

About Us

Kate Scarlata, MPH, RDN, LDN is a US-based dietitian with over 30 years of experience.

Kate’s expertise is in gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerance,  with a particular focus on the application of the low FODMAP diet for functional gut disorders. She was awarded the Outstanding Massachusetts Dietitian Award and recognized as Boston’s Best Dietitian by Boston Magazine.

Kate is the author of numerous books and articles on digestive health topics including the New York Times Best Seller, The 21 Day Tummy Diet. Her latest book is The Low FODMAP Diet Step by Step. 

Kate completed her postgraduate training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching affiliate, and her Master’s degree in public health at University of Massachusetts.

Erin Judge, RDN, LDN, CPT is a US-based dietitian and personal trainer.

Erin's expertise is in gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerance, with a particular focus on the management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). She was recognized as Nashville's Best Dietitian by Nashville Fit Magazine in 2020.

Erin founded a virtual private practice called Gutivate, which provides individualized nutrition counseling and group programs for those with functional gut disorders and GI conditions.

Erin completed her postgraduate training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, holds her personal trainer certification through ACE, and has completed the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet training.

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